We feel that the essentials you need to bring for the event are;


  Bible - if you have one

  Sun cream - you will need this

  Tent or Caravan - if you need one

  Shorts - expect good weather

  T-Shirts - for inside the main tent

  Sun Glasses - for outside the tent

  Fleece/Jumper - for the evening if it gets colder 

  Hairbrush - for the Sunday when the ladies arrive 

  Toothbrush - as above 

  Deodorant - as above 

  Breakfast stuff and supplies -  get it in Pateley Bridge to help the local economy and

    to be a witness to the town 

  Water and Soft Drinks - for in-between meals 

  Swimming Shorts - for sun bathing, a dip in the river, local leisure centre pool or

    perhaps a baptism! 

  Boots and Trainers - for walking and running

  Towels - for washing on Sunday morning before the ladies come

  Car or Truck - to get to the event 


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